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Julian's House - Judith Hawkes
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Judith Hawkes:
Julian's House - used book

ISBN: 0899199062

ID: 720847

This suspenseful haunted-house tale--praised by the New York Times for its "passages rich with descriptive beauty, complex with philosophical theorizing and seductive with hard (and tantalizing) information"--is a rich elaboration on the premise of parapsychologists trying to document ghost behavior. In this instance the researchers are a recently married (and sexually repressed) young couple who move their high-tech equipment into a Victorian house with the requisite history of bumps in the night. They are prepared to encounter supernatural phenomena, but not at all prepared to examine their own psyches. When the house starts acting as a sounding board for their neurotic conflicts, it's not clear whether actual ghosts are acting as interactive mirrors, or if the house is simply a big Rorschach inkblot for the projections of a troubled marriage. Judith Hawkes unfolds all the chilling complexity of the puzzle, and leaves readers to draw their own conclusions. genre fiction,horror,literature and fiction Horror, Ticknor & Fields

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