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You can choose between two membership models:
  • the free Premium-membership for most private users, or
  • the book-professional Power-membership for only EUR 60.- per year.
The features in the personalized membership area and on your blackboard are tailored according to your specialized needs. Register now in your personal membership area.
Become a member

Some functionalities of the platform are only available to registered users. Choose between a basic - free - or a Power-User - one year membership of EUR 60.00 wit many additional features - membership:

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to see more detailed information.

Free of charge

60€ Annual fee
Movable search form
You can move the search form from the top right postition to any position in the window. The form then scrolls down in case of many search results.
Affiliate Program
Integrate the search mechanism on your website, and offer your users an additional service while you can earn some commission.
History of your searches
Save/store searches that originally did not yield results so that we can keep you informed about corresponding search results in the future..
Premium users can store up to 20 searches on the blackboard.
Unlimited searches to be stored/saved
Premium User can only save/store up to 20 searches, power-users can store an unlimited number of searches
Contact other members
Contact other members who have stored searches on the blackboard.
Field for comments on the blackboard
Extra field for personal comments to better organize your blackboard searches
Hide saerches
Hide searches; these searches will not be shown under "searches of others"
Blocked extension
Blocked extension of all expired searches with one mouse-click
Search-histoty last 6 months
Premium-User can access the search-history for the last 14 days,as a Power-User the time fram is expanded to 6 months.
Affiliate program

If you operate your own website and you want to offer your users a special service, you can integrate our search technology on your website and thus increase costumer loyalty. You can earn quarterly commissions for book sales and in addition your website will be presented to users.