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The Wall Beside the Work - new book

ISBN: 9783030716295

This book is about the way artists generate an endless chain of substitute objects for something they can never quite find. It explores the work involved in art with a focus upon finding,… More...

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The Wall Beside the Work - Derek Pigrum
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Derek Pigrum:

The Wall Beside the Work - new book

2021, ISBN: 9783030716295

The Place of the Charged Image in Transitional Artistic Practices, eBooks, eBook Download (PDF), 1st ed. 2021, [PU: Springer International Publishing], Springer International Publishing, … More...

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Details of the book

Details of the book - The Wall Beside the Work

EAN (ISBN-13): 9783030716295
Publishing year: 2021
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

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ISBN/EAN: 9783030716295

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Information from Publisher

Author: Derek Pigrum
Title: Numanities - Arts and Humanities in Progress; The Wall Beside the Work - The Place of the Charged Image in Transitional Artistic Practices
Publisher: Springer; Springer International Publishing
210 Pages
Publishing year: 2021-06-23
Cham; CH
Language: English
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99,00 € (AT)
118,00 CHF (CH)

EA; E107; eBook; Nonbooks, PBS / Philosophie/20., 21. Jahrhundert; Westliche Philosophie: nach 1800; Verstehen; The Wall Beside the Work; Pigrum on Das Gegenwerk; The work that avoids definitive closure; Multi-Mode Transitional Practices on the Web; The Charge of the Transitional object; The Transitional Practices of Artists; learning and instruction; B; Modern Philosophy; Fine Arts; Interior Architecture and Design; Learning & Instruction; Early Modern Philosophy; Fine Art; Interior Architecture; Instructional Psychology; Religion and Philosophy; Kunstformen; Architektur: Innenarchitektur; Didaktische Kompetenz und Lehrmethoden; Kognitive Psychologie; BB

Introduction.- The Web of Multi-Mode Transitional Practices.- The Work of the Wall.- Potential Space and the Charge of the Transitional object.- The Place of the Studio.- The Wall Beside the Work.- Off the Wall(floor) into the Work.- When the Wall becomes a work.- Other Walls, Other Work.- The Wall beside the Work as a Theatre of Memory.- Not just another brick in the wall.- Serendipity: The Bridge between Painting and Science.- Conclusion.

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