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Hope's Wish - <5
Hope's Wish - new book

ISBN: 9781949797282

ID: 209531619

A fearless investigative reporter, a djinn with a heartbreaking weakness, a vengeful curse, and a promise spanning the centuries. This is not your normal love-story… It’s not the lamp she needs to rub… Investigative journalist, Tahlee Hope is fierce, stubborn, and doesn’t pull punches. Overhearing a political assassination plot, her life is now in serious danger. No biggie for Tahlee. All in a day’s work. She’s not prepared, however, for the security agent assigned to protect her: James Hastin, the man who changed everything in her life three years ago, and then disappeared without a trace. Summoned and trapped by a desperate sorcerer, James Hastin has been living amongst man for centuries. Life as a secret djinn in today’s society isn’t all that bad. Getting the rush of granting wishes is easy, he’s never felt the need to tap into his darker side, and he loves his job at Guarded Souls Security and Protection. Of course, there’s the little issue of the fatal curse placed upon him by the bastard sorcerer, but as long as he’s careful he should be okay. And then Tahlee Hope—his only weakness—enters his life. Again. Their history will either make them stronger, or bring about the end of the world. Yes, the stakes really are that high… International Award-Winning paranormal romantic suspense author Lexxie Couper pens a suspenseful tale in Book 2 of her new Guarded Souls series, Hope's Wish. Books in the Guarded Souls series:1. Destiny's Knight2. Hope's Wish FICTION,Romance,Paranormal,Shifters,
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Details of the book
Hope's Wish

Details of the book - Hope's Wish

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781949797282

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ISBN/EAN: 9781949797282

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