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Wicked Baby
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Wicked Baby - used book

2004, ISBN: 9781904929451

ID: f74460d952200d69ca37637f4352781f

Binding:Taschenbuch,Label:Adibbed Ltd,Publisher:Adibbed Ltd,medium:Taschenbuch,numberOfPages:112,publicationDate:2004-06-17,ISBN:1904929451 Taschenbuch, Adibbed Ltd

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Details of the book
Wicked Baby

Hanks, Tara


Wicked Baby


It's 1960, and a seventeen-year old girl is alone in London. While working as a dancer in a club, she meets a jaded society doctor who introduces her to rich and powerful men. But Christine Keeler is much more than just another empty-headed beauty. Privy to secrets that threaten the heart of government, she is hunted down and forced to tell the truth as she sees it. 'Wicked Baby' is a novella based on the events of the Profumo Affair, a tale of innocence corrupted that dares to imagine the complex desires and motives behind a very English scandal.

Details of the book - Wicked Baby

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781904929451
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1904929451
Publishing year: 2004
Publisher: Adibbed Ltd

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ISBN/EAN: 9781904929451

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-904929-45-1, 978-1-904929-45-1

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