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Obendorf, Hartmut:

Minimalism - Paperback

2009, ISBN: 1848823878, Lieferbar binnen 4-6 Wochen Shipping costs:Versandkostenfrei innerhalb der BRD

ID: 9781848823877

Internationaler Buchtitel. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: SPRINGER VERLAG GMBH, 360 Seiten, L=156mm, B=234mm, H=19mm, Gew.=503gr, [GR: 26370 - TB/Hardware], [SW: - Computers - General In.. More...
€ 162.00
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Minimalism - used book

ISBN: 1848823878

Broschiert, [EAN: 9781848823877], Book, 541686, Kategorien, 117, Belletristik, 187254, Biografien & Erinnerungen, 403434, Business & Karriere, 120, Börse & Geld, 287621, Comics & Mangas, .. More...

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Details of the book

The notion of Minimalism is proposed as a theoretical tool supporting a more differentiated understanding of reduction and thus forms a standpoint that allows definition of aspects of simplicity. Possible uses of the notion of minimalism in the field of human-computer interaction design are examined both from a theoretical and empirical viewpoint, giving a range of results. Minimalism defines a radical and potentially useful perspective for design analysis. The empirical examples show that it has also proven to be a useful tool for generating and modifying concrete design techniques. Divided into four parts this book traces the development of minimalism, defines the four types of minimalism in interaction design, looks at how to apply it and finishes with some conclusions.

Details of the book - Minimalism

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781848823877
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1848823878
Publishing year: 2009
360 Pages
Weight: 0,503 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9781848823877

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-84882-387-8, 978-1-84882-387-7

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