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Alice, Elizabeth:

Two Shillings to Cape Town - Paperback

2010, ISBN: 1604817143, Lieferbar binnen 4-6 Wochen Shipping costs:Versandkostenfrei innerhalb der BRD

ID: 9781604817140

Internationaler Buchtitel. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: Wordclay, 100 Seiten, L=152mm, B=229mm, H=6mm, Gew.=159gr, [GR: 21800 - TB/Belletristik/Humor/Cartoons/Comics], [SW: - Humor], K.. More...
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Details of the book

A more honest capture of an era and lifestyle would simply be impossible to achieve. Echoing throughout this fictional biography is the balanced and parallel reflection of innocence and growing up of a young girl in the midst of eccentricity and the backdrop beauty of the Cape, South Africa, during the 1950's. A wonderful connection of emotions from beginning to end.

Details of the book - Two Shillings to Cape Town

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781604817140
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1604817143
Publishing year: 2010
Publisher: Wordclay
100 Pages
Weight: 0,159 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9781604817140

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-60481-714-3, 978-1-60481-714-0

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