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During-the-Event Roger Wall Author
During-the-Event Roger Wall Author - new book

ISBN: 9781602233836

ID: 9781602233836

For D.E., only two certainties exist: his grandfather is dead and life will never be the same. During-the-Event is a dystopian adventure that roams across a fallen United States, introducing an unforgettable cast of characters along the way. In the near future, climate change has ravaged the United States, leading the government to overcorrect through culls and relocation. Those who survive the mandated destruction are herded into “habitable production zones,” trading their freedom for illusions of security. The few who escape learn quickly that the key to survival is to stay hidden in the corners of the country. For seventeen years, During-the-Event, or D.E., has lived free in a pastoral life with his grandfather in North Dakota. But when death reaches their outpost. D.E. is forced on a journey that will change his life—and reveal surprises about his past. Once taught that strangers are only sources of pain, D.E. must learn to trust the people he meets on his journey. During-the-Event is a soaring coming-of-age story that grapples with achingly familiar issues: coming to terms with loss and loneliness, finding what our identities really mean, and searching for love in an often strange and bewildering world. Digital Content>E-books>Fiction>Fiction>Fiction, University of Alaska Press Digital >16
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Details of the book

Details of the book - During-the-Event Roger Wall Author

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781602233836
Publisher: University of Alaska Press Digital >16

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ISBN/EAN: 9781602233836

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