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Don Quixote - Volume II (Illustrated) - Cervantes, Miguel de
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Cervantes, Miguel de:
Don Quixote - Volume II (Illustrated) - used book

ISBN: 9781491074190

ID: 23490831

What begins as a middle-aged country gentleman absorbed with novels of chivalry deliberately evolves into a tale of purely imaginative knight-errantry in this highly influential work of the Spanish Golden Age. This first of modern novels was written in the experimental episodic form, allowing Don Quixote and his 'squire' Sancho Panza to go on quests that just as often as not land them in trouble or earn them the incredulity of those fully engaged in reality. While initially farcical, the novel slowly reveals a more philosophical thread exploring the theme of deception, all the while creating emotional and mental reversals in the two main figures that take them from tilting at windmills to fully comprehending reality. A work that frequently appears on lists in the highest echelon of published fiction, ""Don Quixote"" is a novel that has deeply influenced a host of notable writers and readers for over 400 years. This is the best edition of this great work that I have yet to see. The notes are outstanding, the background material useful, and the commentary erudite. This is a must edition for the serious study of Cervantes. It is a pleasure to publish this new, high quality, and affordable edition of this timeless story. This edition comes in two volumes. This edition is also amply illustrated. Don Quixote - Volume II (Illustrated) Cervantes, Miguel de, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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