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The 'Pedophile' Sham - Arthur S. Joseph
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Arthur S. Joseph:
The 'Pedophile' Sham - new book

ISBN: 9781467042413

ID: 9781467042413

AbuseSexual The Only Book that Dares to Defy Common Beliefs Regarding Pedophilia How do we define good and evil? What are our guidelines? Why would a terrorist be bad and a healer good? Is not everything relative? The answers to these questions cannot be provided unless we have decided to be guided by a set of rules, definitions and ideals that we all can agree withThe Torah matrix is wrapped by one unspoken requirementprotection and preservation of the futureour children. But what does that mean? In The Pedophile Sham, author Arthur S. Joseph dares to defy the common notions and beliefs regarding pedophilia. With convincing authority and no punches pulled, Joseph explains why every normal being should proudly be a pedophileyes, proudly. Along with the Torah and kabalistic insights, The 'Pedophile' Sham is the only source of enlightenment that establishes new definitions for the entire family.  Pedophilia is a word that has been misused, says Joseph. A pedophile is good, whereas the true culprit name pedosexual has been uncovered. We do not call a homosexual a homophile. We should not call a pedosexual a pedophile. The 'Pedophile' Sham is filled with many more striking insights on the nature of humanity, and is a must-read for adolescents, parents, teachers, and authorities alike.  eBook

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