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Lost Soul - Brett Hawks
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Brett Hawks:

Lost Soul - Paperback

ISBN: 1462868177

[SR: 11046089], Paperback, [EAN: 9781462868179], Xlibris, Corp., Xlibris, Corp., Book, [PU: Xlibris, Corp.], Xlibris, Corp., Over The Abyss I should have known Should have seen it coming.… More...

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Hawks, Brett:

Lost Soul - Paperback

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Internationaler Buchtitel. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: XLIBRIS CORP, 102 Seiten, L=229mm, B=152mm, H=6mm, Gew.=159gr, [GR: 21500 - TB/Belletristik/Lyrik/Dramatik/Essays], [SW: - Poetr… More...

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Hawks, Brett:
Lost Soul - new book


ISBN: 1462868177

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Lost Soul - Brett Hawks
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Brett Hawks:
Lost Soul - new book

ISBN: 9781462868179

Brett Hawks,Paperback, English-language edition,Pub by Xlibris Corporation Books Books ~~ Poetry~~ General Lost-Soul~~Brett-Hawks Xlibris Corporation

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Hawks, Brett:
Lost Soul - Paperback

2011, ISBN: 9781462868179

Xlibris, Corp., 2011-05-09. Paperback. LikeNew. 9.0000 inches 6.0000 inches., Xlibris, Corp., 2011-05-09

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Details of the book
Lost Soul

Over The Abyss

I should have known
Should have seen it coming.
I ignored the signs,
I tried to embrace the light,
To live a good life.
Only the darkness was to strong.
The shadows consumed my soul.
I tried to fight back, only
I was to weak.
All the difficulties I faced
Try as I might, I could not overcome.
Darkness consumed my heart,
I started to lose my mind.
All of my problems, I tried to hide.
The forces of darkness,
Had me in their sights, though
I tried to fight back, I had no help.
I could not embrace the light.
I was sent spiraling out of control.
Though I was in its grasp,
I continued to resist.
If I struggle for all eternity
I’ll still refuse to give in.
I still have a will of my own,
It is not enough.
Stuck in a prison
Hanging over the abyss.
I lost another life, I wonder
If I will be missed.
My soul is up for ransom
The price to high to pay.
Help me, save me
My life is undone.
I lost this round
In the game we play.
I missed the opportunities
To even the score.
I strayed from the path,
I was given.
Lost in the wilderness
Nothing forgiven.
Whispers from the grave
Calling me home.
My soul is lost, cannot be saved.
Lost in a vacuum
Of time and space.
Screaming in agony
I am out of place.
Hanging over the abyss,
Floating in space.

Details of the book - Lost Soul

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781462868179
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1462868177
Publishing year: 2011
Publisher: Xlibris, Corp.
102 Pages
Weight: 0,159 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9781462868179

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1-4628-6817-7, 978-1-4628-6817-9

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