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Piano - Classical System: Part One - R. Andreeva
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R. Andreeva:
Piano - Classical System: Part One - new book

ISBN: 9781412094337

The unique design of this book will introduce you gradually and easily to the wonderful world of music. The first of two learning phases is based exclusively on the key of G and the keys of C major and A minor (white keys). This makes it easier to master the learning process and to assimilate the musical text using new and entertaining rhythmic figures. Each new element comes with a theoretical component as well as written and rhythmic exercises. The second learning phase introduces the F key using simple, graduated exercises, and explains sharp and flat notes (black keys). This teaching method, originally designed for children, has long been tested on people of all ages, and has shown itself to be both very useful and well accepted by all. The repertory includes many multicultural songs, among them the most melodious works for beginners created by such great composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Purcell, Tchaikovsky, Steibelt and Corelli (among others). R. Andreeva, Books, Entertainment, Piano - Classical System: Part One Books>Entertainment

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