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Through the Storm - Robert P. Robertson
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Robert P. Robertson:
Through the Storm - new book

2005, ISBN: 9781412094016

ID: 978141209401

August 29, 2005 would be a day to be remembered and discussed for generations to come: the morning Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast and severely impacted the coastal regions of four states. Millions of homes and businesses were destroyed, and millions of lives were changed forever. Just when everyone thought that the storm was over, walking around inspecting the devastation of their homes, or retired to bed to catch up on a restless early morning, the levees breached, filling the old, historical city with five to fifteen feet of flood waters. Thousands drowned in the violent rush of the waters that wiped out homes and leveled trees in ninety-degree sweeps of its power and every breach, and thousands more were shocked and horrified by the sudden inundation. The violence of the storm compromised the strongest building in New Orleans which was being used as a shelter, the New Orleans Superdome, and that single event unfolded horror after horror of three days of suffering, misery, and needless deaths. In the midst of it, one family of six, with the mother of the family seven months pregnant, held strong in their storm ravaged home, pulling together to secure it against the elements and to make it livable. They resolved to survive. Through the Storm is the amazing, true story of their survival and what they did to pull themselves through one of America''s deadliest, most catastrophic events for an incredible two weeks after the storm and the flood. Only when the mother began to have complications with her pregnancy from intense heat and the stench of the stagnant water did the thought of evacuation set in. Yet, it did not end their ordeal, but began their astonishing journey to get back home. Robert P. Robertson, Books, Biography and Memoir, Through the Storm Books>Biography and Memoir, Trafford Publishing

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Details of the book
Through the Storm

Robert P. Robertson


Details of the book - Through the Storm

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781412094016
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1412094011
Publishing year: 2005
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

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ISBN/EAN: 9781412094016

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-4120-9401-1, 978-1-4120-9401-6

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