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KEIM, Albert N., 1897-1962:

Harold S. Bender 1897-1962 - First edition

2007, ISBN: 083619084X


[EAN: 9780836190847], Tweedehands, als nieuw, [SC: 10.38], [PU: Herald Press, USA], MENNONITES USA RELIGION BIOGRAPHY, Bender was a prominent professor of theology at Goshen College and G… More...

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Albert N. Keim:

Harold S. Bender, 1897-1962 - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780836190847

Paperback, Tweedehands, zeer goed, United States, Religious, New & Used Textbooks, Multiple copies available. An excellent unused softcover with clean pages and no markings. Booksavers re… More...

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Harold S. Bender 1897-1962 - Keim, Albert N.
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Keim, Albert N.:
Harold S. Bender 1897-1962 - Paperback


ISBN: 083619084X

[EAN: 9780836190847], Tweedehands, goed, [SC: 31.92], [PU: Herald Pr], Connecting readers with great books since 1972. Used books may not include companion materials, some shelf wear, may… More...

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Harold S.Bender, 1897-1962 - Keim, Albert N.
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Keim, Albert N.:
Harold S.Bender, 1897-1962 - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780836190847

Herald Press,U.S. Paperback, 600 Seiten, Publiziert: 1998-09-01T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, Hersteller-Nr.: 9780836190847, 0.93 kg, Verkaufsrang: 12293020, Historical, Biography, Subj… More...

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Albert N. Keim, Theron F. Schlabach (Editor):
Harold S. Bender, 1897-1962 - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 083619084X

[EAN: 9780836190847], Nieuw boek, [SC: 21.66], [PU: Herald Press (VA)], Books

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Harold S.Bender, 1897-1962

"In Albert Keim's captivating study of Bender, I gained much insight into this fascinating, complex person who was one of the commanding figures among Mennonites in this century--in fact, in our entire American experience. This is a book I could not put aside".--Robert Kreider, former director of Mennonite Library and Archives.

Details of the book - Harold S.Bender, 1897-1962

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780836190847
ISBN (ISBN-10): 083619084X
Publishing year: 1998
Publisher: Herald Press,U.S.
592 Pages
Weight: 0,789 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9780836190847

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0-8361-9084-X, 978-0-8361-9084-7
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Book author: keim, albert, theron schlabach
Book title: 1962, harold end

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