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Stolen Identity - Brian Regrut
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Brian Regrut:
Stolen Identity - new book

ISBN: 9780830813711

Peter Boget is gone. The search for him is confused by an interstate disaster that offers a desperate man a chance to escape. The spiral of intrigue deepens when Mary Kennedy, a dangerous and powerful woman, discovers that her cocaine shipment has gone astray. Her attention focuses rapidly on Glenn Segal, who fears that his massive debt is about to overtake him unless he can pull off just one more deal. Peter''s grieving wife and determined boss are sucked into this dangerous game of murder and deception. As the details unfold, they will question not only the man they trusted and thought they knew, but their own convictions about themselves and life itself. In this fast-paced tale of drug dealing, money laundering and corporate ladder climbing, the landscape is littered with lost dreams and broken lives. Here is a story of action and mystery that you will find hard to put down. And an example of love and sacrifice you''ll never forget. Brian Regrut, Books, Fiction and Literature, Stolen Identity Books>Fiction and Literature

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