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Our Vietnam Nurses by Annabelle Brayley (English) Paperback Book - Annabelle Brayley
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Annabelle Brayley:

Our Vietnam Nurses by Annabelle Brayley (English) Paperback Book - Paperback

ISBN: 9780143785798

Our Vietnam Nurses by Annabelle Brayley. When she married her husband, Ian, she went on to live on an isolated sheep and cattle station in south-west Queensland. Author Annabelle Brayley.… More...

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Annabelle Brayley:

Our Vietnam Nurses : Compelling Australian stories of heroism, friendship - Paperback

2017, ISBN: 9780143785798


New York, NY: Simon & Schuster , 1993 Simon & Schuster, New York. 1993. Hardcover. 2nd Printing by Line Number. Book is tight, square, and unmarked. Book Condition: Near Fine; bum… More...

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Annabelle Brayley:
Our Vietnam Nurses : Compelling Australian stories of heroism, friendship - Paperback


ISBN: 9780143785798

Penguin, Melbourne, 2017. Edition Unstated. Softcover. Good Condition. From the bestselling author of Bush Nurses and Nurses of the Outback comes this collection of compelling and mo… More...

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Our Vietnam Nurses (Paperback) - Annabelle Brayley
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Annabelle Brayley:
Our Vietnam Nurses (Paperback) - Paperback

2017, ISBN: 0143785796

[EAN: 9780143785798], New book, [PU: Penguin Random House Australia, Hawthorn], Paperback. From flying with critically wounded Australian soldiers out of turbulent war zones, to being hel… More...

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Our Vietnam Nurses - Apse, Andris
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Apse, Andris:
Our Vietnam Nurses - Paperback

ISBN: 9780143785798

Penguin Books Australia, Paperback, Produktgruppe: Book, Hersteller-Nr.: 26488716, Verkaufsrang: 4408802, Subjects, Books, Penguin Books Australia

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Details of the book - Our Vietnam Nurses

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780143785798
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0143785796
Publishing year: 2017
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

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ISBN/EAN: 9780143785798

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-14-378579-6, 978-0-14-378579-8
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Book author: brayley
Book title: vietnam

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