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Myeducationkit -- Standalone Access Card - hardcover

2010, ISBN: 0137053444, Lieferbar binnen 4-6 Wochen Shipping costs:Versandkostenfrei innerhalb der BRD

Internationaler Buchtitel. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: ALLYN & BACON, [GR: 17240 - HC/Didaktik/Methodik/Schulpädagogik/Fachdidaktik], [SW: - Supplementals & Ancillaries], Gebunden, Kl… More...

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MyEducationKit - Standalone Access Card - new book

2010, ISBN: 0137053444

[EAN: 9780137053445], Nieuw boek, [SC: 0.0], [PU: Pearson Education (US), United States], Brand New Book. ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syll… More...

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MyEducationKit -- Standalone Access Card - used book

ISBN: 0137053444

[EAN: 9780137053445], Tweedehands, [SC: 3.25], [PU: Pearson], Ships same or next business day with delivery confirmation. Acceptable condition. Contains highlighting. Expedited shipping a… More...

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MyEducationKit Access Code - new book

ISBN: 0137053444

[PU: Prentice Hall]

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Details of the book

Dynamic Resources Meeting Your Needs. Register for MyEducationKit today at www.myeducationkit.com. MyEducationKit is an online solution that provides dynamic resources designed to connect your textbook to real teaching situations. It is fully integrated with your textbook; wherever you see the MyEducationKit logo in the margins or elsewhere in the text, follow the simple instructions to access videos, cases, artifacts, and web links associated with the content covered in your text. MyEducationKit provides you with opportunities to study the concepts presented in your text in a multimedia environment: Dynamic Resources Meeting Your Needs. * Take Practice Tests for each chapter of your text and receive feedback on where you need to spend more time studying.* Watch and learn from authentic classroom video where you can see real teachers and students interacting and engaged in the learning process.* Examine and analyze case studies and classroom artifacts--these resources provide you with perspective on the situations and the materials encountered every day by teachers. * Explore web sites that are important in your field and that give you perspective on the concepts covered in your text. To start using MyEducationKit, activate the access code packaged with your book. If your instructor did not make MyEducationKit a required part of your course or if you are purchasing a used book without an access code, go to www.myeducationkit.com to purchase access to this wonderful resource!

Details of the book - Myeducationkit -- Standalone Access Card

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780137053445
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0137053444
Publishing year: 2010
Publisher: ALLYN & BACON
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9780137053445

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-13-705344-4, 978-0-13-705344-5

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