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For His Pleasure - Samuel C. Gipp
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Samuel C. Gipp:
For His Pleasure - used book

ISBN: 1890120111

ID: 4682493

Soul winning is not the main theme of the Bible. Proverbs 11:30 tell us, "he that winneth souls is wise." This truth has led to a tidal wave of "soul winning" in the Christian community over the past several decades. Yet the question begs to be asked, "Is `he that winneth souls' doing all that he can for the Lord?" The soul winner will immediatedly leap to his own defense with the challenge, "What greater thing could we do than win souls?" This book gives the reader a thought-provoking view on God's plan for the Christian. There is a noble misconception that soul winning, as great as it is, is the main theme of the Bible. God's main plan was far grander, and it is the purpose of this book to enlighten the reader to this plan and lead them greater heights in their Christian walk. This book is not intended to discourage the soul winner. It is intended, though, to discourage the erroneous teaching that soul winning is the main theme of the Bible and all that we are here for. This teaching has hindered many Christians from ever accomplishing what God put them here for, and discovering their true purpose for existing. used books,books Books, DayStar Publishing

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Details of the book
For His Pleasure

Samuel C. Gipp


For His Pleasure


Details of the book - For His Pleasure

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1890120111
Publisher: DayStar Publishing

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