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Sister of Mercy: From Serving God to Knowing Him - Wilma Sullivan
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Wilma Sullivan:
Sister of Mercy: From Serving God to Knowing Him - used book

ISBN: 1889893110

ID: 1436993

The story of a Catholic nun's search for truth and peace. When Wilma's serving attitude and spirit led her to join the Sisters of Mercy, she thought she had found her niche in life, but soon the ideals were stripped away, leaving her searching for answers. She found those answers in God's Word and soon converted to following the Savior and His will for her life. Wilma now directs Phebe Ministries, Inc., a ministry to women, where her responsibilities include counseling and extensive speaking to show her love for the Savior and His mercies which are new every day. biographies,catholicism,christian books and bibles,leaders and notable people,religious Christian Books & Bibles, Emerald House Group

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Details of the book
Sister of Mercy

Sullivan, Wilma


Sister of Mercy


Story of a Catholic Nun's search for truth, and peace. Thinking she had found her niche in life, soon the ideals were stripped away leaving her searching for answers from the Bible.

Details of the book - Sister of Mercy

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1889893110
Publisher: Emerald House Group

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