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High Society - Ben Elton
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Ben Elton:
High Society - new book

ISBN: 1856867749

[SR: 1783695], Hörkassette, [EAN: 9781856867740], Audiobook, Random House Audiobooks, Englisch, Englisch, Englisch, Random House Audiobooks, Book, Random House Audiobooks, Random House Audiobooks, Ben Elton's new novel High Society initially appears to be a cautionary tale about Britain today, but its vision of a society totally in thrall to criminality has elements of the visionary novel about it. Happily, the state of the nation is not (yet) quite as awful as it's rendered in this terrifying kaleidoscope. We're taken into a world in which drug use holds total sway, and the whole world essentially functions as a single criminal network. From royalty and the upper crust to drug abusers and prostitutes--right across the social spectrum--we are (in Elton's unsparing universe) plunging into a criminal world. Elton's cast of characters is massive, but all (notably a government minister who is trying to push through a bill to legalise drugs) are etched in with maximum vividness. Interestingly, although Elton casts a cold eye across the whole of society (including an unforgiving look at the media) the final effect of the book is anything but bleak. All the trademark wit is here, along with a sense of focus that is considerably more sophisticated than anything Elton has tackled before. As a serious satirical novel (yes, there is such a thing), High Society makes an indelible mark. --Barry Forshaw, 67216011, Populäre Belletristik, 67221011, Action & Abenteuer, 67916011, Anthologien, 67220011, Buch zum Film, 67923011, Familiensagen, 67924011, Historisch, 67223011, Horror, 67926011, Krieg, 273042011, Medizin, 273043011, Metaphysisch, 67925011, Männerabenteuer, 67219011, Märchen, 67217011, Politisch, 55229011, Religion & Esoterik, 65642011, Schwul & Lesbisch, 1322750031, Seeabenteuer, 67218011, Sport, 67927011, Western, 66034011, Belletristik, 54071011, Genres, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher, 208625031, Hörkassette, 310998031, Hörbuch, 208621031, Format (binding_browse-bin), 366250011, Refinements, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher

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Details of the book
High Society

Ben Elton


Details of the book - High Society

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1856867749

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ISBN/EAN: 1856867749

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