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A Templar Knight's Tale - Henry D. Fusco
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Henry D. Fusco:
A Templar Knight's Tale - new book

ISBN: 9781594539459

In the late thirteenth century, a besieged Templar fortress in the desert, a Templar Knight named Danner gives little thought to his own safety as he steps in to save a young Christian woman from four Mameluks seemingly bent on rape. Identifying herself as Marie de Bouchamps, niece to the King of France, she allows Danner to carry her to safety. The fighting continues, though, and Henry DeFusco, Prince of Naples, along with Arturo and Baldassare, join in the fray, essentially saving Danner''s life. Danner arrives in France to seek an audience with the king on urgent business for the Regent of Naples. There he again meets Marie, whose description of Danners'' effort on her behalf complicates his case with the king. In the concluding pages Baron von Wolfgang, known as the ''Iron Heel'' with the infamous Teutonic Knights lays siege to the city of Naples. The heroic Danner and his fellow Templar Knights fight in defense of the besieged city. Henry D. Fusco, Books, Fiction and Literature, A Templar Knight's Tale Books>Fiction and Literature

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