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Jud's Journey - McCracken, Fay W.
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McCracken, Fay W.:
Jud's Journey - new book

ISBN: 9781589821446

Jud -- like many contemporary teenage boys, despite his place in pioneer history -- has a problem relating to his stern father, a man driven to get his family and fellow travelers safely to their new homes in the Salt Lake Valley. The responsibilities on the boy are restricting, but at the same time Jud resents his father's lack of trust in him. His previous problems become insignificant, however, when Jud is separated from his father during a hunting trip and finds himself lost and alone after a sudden mountain storm. Can he prove his manhood and survive the struggle against the wilderness to rejoin his family? This task becomes especially important when it is not only his survival in the balance, but that of two orphaned Indian children as well. Jud's Journey McCracken, Fay W.

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Details of the book

Details of the book - Jud's Journey

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781589821446
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1589821440
Publisher: Bedside Books

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ISBN/EAN: 1589821440

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-58982-144-0, 978-1-58982-144-6

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