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God, The Angel And The Golden Butterfly - Kimberly Smith
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Kimberly Smith:
God, The Angel And The Golden Butterfly - new book

ISBN: 9781589301917

Kimberly Smith gives real life application to real life experiences and this is what she considers her expertise. Most professionals believe that just having an education and a morally good background is enough to be a success story, but is it? The author''s belief that her pain and suffering by trail and error were a gift from God that enabled her to be triumphant over the enemy and allowed her to be able to counsel to those that may be going through the same situations she has gone through. She feels life is the best teacher. A book can be read, memorized and even thought to be understood, without real-life application, what is learned from a manual, written by man, can only take you so far on your journey. The only difference between life and death is the time in between the two. It isn''t how you start but how you finish. Learn from mistakes you have made and you won''t repeat them again, because you remember the sting that was left behind from the memories of your pain and suffering. Never forget what you have learned for if you do you are doomed to repeat what you have gone through in your life again. The Best Instructions Before Living Eternally is the BIBLE. The Author believes this manual is tested, tried and true. You are guaranteed to get your spiritual PHD (Pray Hard Daily) given by God''s Institute Kimberly Smith, Books, Religion and Spirituality, God, The Angel And The Golden Butterfly Books>Religion and Spirituality

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Details of the book

Details of the book - God, the Angel and the Golden Butterfly

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781589301917
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1589301919
Publisher: Selah Publishing Group

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ISBN/EAN: 1589301919

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-58930-191-9, 978-1-58930-191-7

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