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Introducing Global Issues - Michael T. Snarr; D. Neil Snarr; Neil Snarr
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Michael T. Snarr; D. Neil Snarr; Neil Snarr:
Introducing Global Issues - used book

ISBN: 1588263304

ID: 4341027

Fully revised and updated, this new edition of Introducing Global Issues explores the challenging contemporary issues of conflict and security, the global economy, development, and the environment. Notable features of the new edition include: a discussion of the war in Iraq; a stronger focus on global security and terrorism; an expanded discussion of concepts of identity; an engagement with the debate over free trade; thorough coverage of current environmental concerns; The material has been successfully designed for readers with little or no prior knowledge of the topics covered. Each chapter provides an analytical overview of the issues addressed, identifies the central actors and perspectives, and outlines past progress and future prospects. Discussion questions are posed to enhance students' appreciation of the complexities involved, and suggestions for further reading additionally enrich the text. 20th century,globalization,history,humanities,international and world politics,international relations,modern (16th-21st centuries),political science,politics and government,politics and social sciences Humanities, Lynne Rienner Pub

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