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No Eyes: Lester Young - Meltzer, David
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Meltzer, David:

No Eyes: Lester Young - used book

ISBN: 9781574231298

Poet, musician and jazz critic David Meltzer traces a lyric-elegiac narrative of feeling "vulnerable and deep beyond belief" in this sequence of poems on the life of the saxopho… More...

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Meltzer, David.:

NO EYES: LESTER YOUNG. - hardcover

2000, ISBN: 9781574231298

Santa Rosa:: Black Sparrow Press,, 2000... Just about fine in printed wrappers.. First printing in wrappers, issued simultaneously with hardcover. A sequence of poems which form a prolo… More...

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NO EYES: Lester Young - Meltzer, David
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Meltzer, David:
NO EYES: Lester Young - Paperback


ISBN: 9781574231298

BLACK SPARROW PR, Taschenbuch, 181 Seiten, Publiziert: 2000-05-01T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, 0.6 kg, Verkaufsrang: 9035, US-amerikanische Literatur, Regionen & Kulturkreise, Lyrik, L… More...

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No Eyes - David Meltzer
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David Meltzer:
No Eyes - Paperback

ISBN: 9781574231298

Paperback, [PU: David R. Godine Publisher Inc], A sequence of poems on the life of the great tenor saxophone jazz player Lester Young, interwoven with archival photographs., Poetry

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David Meltzer:
No Eyes: Lester Young - Paperback

2000, ISBN: 9781574231298

Trade paperback, Like New, Fine. Paperback. 2000. Originally published at $16.95., [PU: Black Sparrow Press]

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Details of the book
NO EYES: Lester Young

Poet, musician and jazz critic David Meltzer traces a lyric-elegiac narrative of feeling "vulnerable and deep beyond belief" in this sequence of poems on the life of the saxophonist Lester Young. An "inside" biography, tenderly illuminated by vintage photographs of is subject, No Eyes is a brilliant jazz-world evocation, celebrating the hermetic craft-fellowship of those who know "what blowing's all about".Composing in multi-sensory free verse whose flow is arrested to capture significant moments, Meltzer creates a layered narrative of vivid colors and textures, the material facts of Young's story dissolving into internalized, projected truths of erotic understanding and spiritual sympathy with the "sweet and isolate lovely other". Writing-out Young's music from within, Meltzer's gesturing with words catches highs and lows hovering around the notes, discovers ecstasy and pain within and beyond the phrases.Reflecting the sensitivity of one artist's gifts of mind and tongue and heart through another's, No Eyes states an affinity of artisanship "too marvelous for words" in the soul cosmos, a mystical sense of that special contact between lives "inside each other alone together" which music allows.

Details of the book - NO EYES: Lester Young

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781574231298
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1574231294
Publishing year: 2000
200 Pages
Weight: 0,286 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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