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Magic Ornaments Games: Brainpower Game Series #1 - Faraj Mekheter
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Faraj Mekheter:
Magic Ornaments Games: Brainpower Game Series #1 - Paperback

ISBN: 1420824465

Paperback, [EAN: 9781420824469], Authorhouse, Authorhouse, Book, [PU: Authorhouse], Authorhouse, 922964, Education, 922974, A & AS Level, 922966, By Subject, 922972, GCSE, 922998, Higher Education, 922968, Kids, 922980, Teaching Aids, 57, Science & Nature, 1025612, Subjects, 266239, Books, 4119301, Education Studies, 60, Society, Politics & Philosophy, 1025612, Subjects, 266239, Books

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Details of the book
Magic Ornaments Games: Brainpower Game Series #1

This is the first book of Series of brainpower games. The name is [Magic Ornaments Games]. It is new idea to create new talismans, developing, diverse, and abounding for the old Babylonian talismans that people in Mesopotamia about 4000 years ago they were using them for brain thinking games, and their hierophants were using them for their magic to cure diseases, solving problems, and keeping them away from danger. They also gave them happiness and luck. Those Babylonian talismans were only few magic squares, and many of the mathematical thinkers were always trying along this period of time to abound them and they succeeded to create a few magic circles, crosses, stars, and some geometric shapes for few numbers. Now I am producing the [Magic Ornaments Games] to the numbers from 1- 152.

Details of the book - Magic Ornaments Games: Brainpower Game Series #1

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1420824465

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ISBN/EAN: 1420824465

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