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Adventure On A Frozen Island - Dianne Barnes
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Dianne Barnes:
Adventure On A Frozen Island - new book

ISBN: 9781412094207

This is book two of the Happiness story. It begins with Dianne''s thoughts of going back to the island with a feeling of dread. She remembers the family history, all the problems that beset the family. The elderly couple decided to spend the winter on the island. They would be completely isolated during winter freeze up, again during spring break up. It would be necessary to cut six bush cords of firewood. How were they to get water from the frozen lake? November 23rd, the change-over from boat to snowmobile. The long wait for the ice to freeze. On December 30th they finally made it to Mactier, crossing three lakes and miles of bush trail. Dianne and Vincent were making regular trips to town, by snowmachine, pulling a sleigh for necessities. Another fun trip to town! They seldom got out without several dives into deep snow, or running off the obscure trail. One day after a trip to Gravenhurst, pulling a heavy sleigh home with a load of propane, gasoline and food, Vincent ran off the trail on Duffy Lake. They were buried in 16 of slush. Dianne almost panicked, remembering previous, similar ordeals. They had to dig away the slush. Getting the machine started, revving the engine, the belt threw out a cloud of slush. Dianne driving, Vincent pulling, the machine jumped up on the hard trail. They returned to their cottage home before dark.Spring finally came. The ducks, loons, robins, cormorants came home. Beavers welcomed the arrival of spring. On Easter Sunday, April 20th they watched the phenomenon of the ice leaving. It was the most unusual experience of their lives. They were isolated again for a period to be decided by mother nature. Dianne Barnes, Books, Biography and Memoir, Adventure On A Frozen Island Books>Biography and Memoir

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Adventure on A Frozen Island
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Adventure on A Frozen Island - used book

ISBN: 9781412094207

ID: 9781412094207

Dianne and Vincent survived the winter isolated on an island against tremendous odds. Would they be able to travel frozen lakes and bush trails? Get water when the lake was frozen? Books, Biography & Autobiography~~General, Adventure-on-a-Frozen-Island~~Dianne-Barnes, , , , , , , , , , Trafford Publishing

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Details of the book

Details of the book - Adventure on a Frozen Island

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781412094207
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1412094208
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

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ISBN/EAN: 1412094208

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-4120-9420-8, 978-1-4120-9420-7

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