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An Agent Tells All - Tony Martinez
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Tony Martinez:
An Agent Tells All - used book

ISBN: 0976143305

ID: 3420184

'An Agent Tells All' is an uncensored look at the business of acting from the perspective of a working Hollywood agent. There is no other book on the market written by someone who is currently employed as an agent. In a frank and humorous tone, Tony Martinez lays out a detailed business plan to help actors achieve their goals. Some of the topics covered include: The Right Way to Get an Agent How a Meeting Can Go Horribly Wrong The Secret to Being a Good Client Do You Really Need A Manager? The Truth About Pilot Season It's time to stop listening to all the wrong people. 'An Agent Tells All' is the one book you need to take charge of your acting career. acting and auditioning,arts and literature,arts music and photography,biographies,business and investing,education and reference,entertainers,humanities,humor and entertainment,industries and professions Television, Hit Team Publishing

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