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Big Bucks in Small Town Real Estate - John E. Foster
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John E. Foster:
Big Bucks in Small Town Real Estate - used book

ISBN: 0961114215

ID: 6154241

Are You Walking Over Dollars, Picking Up Dimes? I have spent the last 30 years as a small town Realtor. It is still possible to make yourself worth a million dollars or more. No matter who you are or how much money you earn, learn how small town real estate is absolutely the safest, soundest, most valuable investment in the world. A majority of people (95%) want to become financially independent, yet only a few (5%) actually become millionaires. Growth only comes to those who have useful information and use it. Become more successful by learning the proven methods to achieve financial freedom contained in this book and be richly rewarded. Knowledge can help make you more money in almost any endeavor. The seeds of success are planted in each of us. Learning more helps you reap more out of life! Would you like to live the life you've always dreamed of? Do you desire to pay-off all your debts, help your family, religion, friends and loved ones turn the world into a better place? Research the strategies I have developed in this book to maximize your profit potential. Discover a lifetime of successful experience in harnessing the real estate market for yourself. This book is autobiographical about living in God's Country, growing up dirt poor and becoming a small town self-made multimillionaire. Big Bucks could be worth millions of dollars to you. Do you want to: Create multiple streams of income? ~ 14 ways with one Real Estate Co. Learn about tax-free used books,books Books, New Life Financial Planning, Inc.

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Details of the book
Big Bucks in Small Town Real Estate

John E. Foster


Big Bucks in Small Town Real Estate


Details of the book - Big Bucks in Small Town Real Estate

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0961114215
Publisher: New Life Financial Planning, Inc.

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