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Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet - Andrew Karam
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Andrew Karam:
Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet - used book

ISBN: 0957870973

ID: 5672505

You've seen The Hunt for Red October and wondered if it was real. Now you'll know. Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet - a book about submarines, written by a submariner. Spend two months in a nuclear fast attack submarine off the coast of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War with Andrew Karam, a decorated veteran of the US submarine force. contemporary,history,literature and fiction,military,naval History, Sid Harta Publishers

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Details of the book
Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet

Andrew Karam


Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet


Details of the book - Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0957870973
Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers

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