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Guyon, Madame:

Spiritual Torrents - First edition

1984, ISBN: 0940232189


[EAN: 9780940232181], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, [PU: Christian Books, Augusta, ME], Religion|Fundamentalism, Religion|Spirituality, Nice copy, neat and clean but for blotting for for… More...

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ProPen, Arcata, CA, U.S.A. [214277] [Rating: 5 (von 5)]
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Guyon, Madame:

Spiritual Torrents - used book

1984, ISBN: 9780940232181

Augusta, ME: Christian Books, 1984. Nice copy, neat and clean but for blotting for former owner's name from half title and light soil to white wraps. Authors last book.. Assume 1st. … More...

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Jeanne Guyon:
Spiritual Torrents [Paperback] Jeanne Guyon - Paperback


ISBN: 9780940232181

Christian Books Pub House, 1989-05-03. Paperback. Good. Book is in good condition, cover has minor wear along the edges and corners., Christian Books Pub House, 1989-05-03

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The Crazy Book Lady
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Guyon, Jeanne:
Spiritual Torrents - Paperback

1990, ISBN: 9780940232181

Seedsowers, 1990. Paperback. Very good. 120 pages., Seedsowers, 1990

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Guyon, J.:
Spiritual Torrents - Paperback

ISBN: 9780940232181

Paperback. Very Good.

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Details of the book
Spiritual Torrents

This book is a spiritual autobiography in which Jeanne Guyon likens her life to a torrent making its way out of the high mountains down into the canyons and chasms of life, passing through many experiences until finally coming to the spiritual experience of death. From there the torrent experiences resurrection and a life lived in concert with the will of God while still going through many stages of refinement. At last the torrent finds its way into the vast, unlimited sea. Even here the torrent does not totally come to be one with the vast ocean until it has once more passed through final dealings by the Lord.

The reader will find this book to be the saga of one believer's journey with Christ. It does not serve as a pattern for any other life, but simply allows the reader to see how Guyon viewed the Lord's work in her life. Neverthless, this is one of the greatest books ever written on the subject of the cross as it works in the life of the believer.

Details of the book - Spiritual Torrents

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780940232181
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0940232189
Publishing year: 1989
Publisher: SEED SOWERS
120 Pages
Weight: 0,159 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0940232189

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-940232-18-9, 978-0-940232-18-1

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