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Tough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 2 - Jack Cottrell
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Jack Cottrell:
Tough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 2 - used book

ISBN: 0899002137

ID: 720564

This book is based on the conviction that the Bible is God's inerrant Word given for all mankind, and that it presents the framework of a total life-and-world view. Its doctrine and its ethical principles are relevant to the social and moral issues of all times. Until we learn to use the Bible and apply it to such problems as capital punishment, genetic engineering, homosexuality, and labor strikes, we will be at the mercy of today's humanistic value-shapers and our own uninformed feelings. humanities,religion and spirituality,religious studies,textbooks Religious Studies, College Pr Pub Co

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Details of the book
Tough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 2

Jack Cottrell


Tough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 2


Details of the book - Tough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 2

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0899002137
Publisher: College Pr Pub Co

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