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Scarhaven Keep - J S Fletcher
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J S Fletcher:
Scarhaven Keep - hardcover

ISBN: 0809566249

Hardcover, [EAN: 9780809566242], Wildside Press, Wildside Press, Book, [PU: Wildside Press], Wildside Press, 590756, Contemporary Fiction, 62, Fiction, 1025612, Subjects, 266239, Books

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Details of the book
Scarhaven Keep

J. S. Fletcher


"Look here!" Rothwell said. "You'd better go and make inquiry at Northborough. See if you can track him. Something must be wrong -- perhaps seriously wrong. You don't quite understand, do you, Mr. Copplestone?" he went on, giving the younger man a sharp glance. "You see, we know Mr. Oliver so well -- we've both been with him a good many years. He's a model of system, regularity, punctuality, and all the rest of it. In the ordinary course of events, wherever he spent yesterday, he'd have been sure to turn up at his rooms at the 'Angel' hotel last night, and he'd have walked in here this morning at half-past twelve. As he hasn't done either, why, then, something unusual has happened. Stafford, you'd better get a move on." -- "Wait a minute," said Stafford. He turned again to the groups behind him, repeating his question. -- "Has anybody anything to tell?" he asked anxiously. "We've just heard that Mr. Oliver left his hotel at Northborough yesterday morning at eleven o'clock, alone, walking. Has anybody any idea of any project, any excursion, that he had in mind?"

Details of the book - Scarhaven Keep

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0809566249
Publisher: Wildside Press

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ISBN/EAN: 0809566249

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