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Lizzie McGuire: The 'Rents - Book #20: Junior Novel (Lizzie McGuire (Numbered)) - Alice Alfonsi
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Alice Alfonsi:
Lizzie McGuire: The 'Rents - Book #20: Junior Novel (Lizzie McGuire (Numbered)) - used book

ISBN: 078684681X

ID: 4161796

The 'Rents (Junior Novel #20): At school, Lizzie is assigned to read The Orchids and Gumbo Poker Club, which is about a mother and daughter's relationship. She loves the book and wants to get closer to her own mother. Mrs. McGuire is more than happy to spend time with Lizzie. They make pottery together and are best friends. But when Mrs. McGuire tells Lizzie things she doesn't want to know, like that her grandmother wants to leave her grandfather and that at one time Mr. McGuire had a tax mix-up, Lizzie wishes she could go back to being the kid. Can Lizzie strike the delicate balance between being her mother's friend and her daughter? Plus, Lizzie tries to make time to hang out with her dad. children's books,family life,fantasy and magic,growing up and facts of life,humor,literature and fiction,science fiction and fantasy,6 - 8 years,9 - 12 years Science Fiction & Fantasy, Volo

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Details of the book
Lizzie McGuire: The 'Rents - Book #20: Junior Novel (Lizzie McGuire (Numbered))

Lizzie's teacher has assigned a book about mother-daughter bonding, and Lizzie becomes so inspired by the novel that she decides to forge a closer friendship with her own mother. But she soon learns there are some secrets she just doesn't want to know about.

Details of the book - Lizzie McGuire: The 'Rents - Book #20: Junior Novel (Lizzie McGuire (Numbered))

ISBN (ISBN-10): 078684681X
Publisher: Volo

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