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My Side of the Story: Trouble at the Mill - Wooderson, Philip
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Wooderson, Philip:

My Side of the Story: Trouble at the Mill - Paperback

2006, ISBN: 9780753413555

ID: 835893754

Kingfisher Books Ltd, 2006. Paperback. Used; Very Good. Ships from the UK within 24 hours. Your purchase helps support authors through the Book Author Resale Right. Bookbarn International Inventory #2069809, Kingfisher Books Ltd, 2006

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Details of the book

Wooderson, Philip


My Side of the Story



Lizzy Sprott is thirteen, the daughter of a poor cotton worker, she works at the mill with him. Passionate and impulsive, she persuades her moderate father to draw up a petition demanding better working conditions. Josh Grumstone is the well-to do son of a cotton mill owner. He comes back from boarding school to find the mill in crisis.

Details of the book - My Side of the Story

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780753413555
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0753413558
Publishing year: 2006
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd

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ISBN/EAN: 0753413558

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-7534-1355-8, 978-0-7534-1355-5

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