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Grace Notes - Bernard MacLaverty
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Bernard MacLaverty:
Grace Notes - Paperback

ISBN: 0753162350

Paperback, [EAN: 9780753162354], ISIS Publishing, ISIS Publishing, Book, [PU: ISIS Publishing], ISIS Publishing, Composer Catherine McKenna has more of a gift for music than happiness, but she has long been driven beyond harmonies (musical and personal) that her Belfast family can understand. Bernard MacLaverty renders both sides of the equation: Catherine's feminist and aesthetic striving and her mother's more traditional grasp; it's hard not to sympathize with Mrs. McKenna's impatient rejoinder, "You don't cope with music, you listen to it." Grace Notes, MacLaverty's first novel since Cal, is as much about Irish identity--and possibility--as it is about art. Catherine's newest piece, a mass, includes the huge drums Protestants play in parades. "It was a scary sound--like thunder. Like the town was under a canopy of dark noise." Though her fellow Catholics see the drums as instruments of threat, Catherine is determined to integrate them into her composition. Her return to Belfast for her father's funeral brings back several ghosts, among them an influential professor who spoke of grace notes--"the notes between the notes." This novel is full of such instances, wry snatches of conversation and unforgettable observations: the new Chinese restaurant that has had to offer chips to stay in business, or the pub that's "on a slight hill. When dogs pissed at the door the dark lines ran diagonally to the gutter." These transcend the occasional passage in which MacLaverty tries too hard to see into the life and rhythms of a female artist. The final section, however, a live radio concert of Catherine's piece, is a triumph for both woman composer and male author. , 927790, Literature & Fiction, 932082, Books & Reading, 933410, Canadian, 932108, Classics, 932240, Drama, 932456, Essays, 932470, Genre Fiction, 932552, History & Criticism, 932622, Letters & Correspondence, 2056047011, Literary, 932624, Poetry, 933200, Short Stories, 1080390, United States, 933210, Women's Fiction, 927792, World Literature, 927726, Subjects, 916520, Books

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Details of the book
Grace Notes

Bernard MacLaverty


Grace Notes


Details of the book - Grace Notes

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0753162350
Publisher: ISIS Publishing

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