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Person and God in a Spanish Valley - Christian, William A.
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Christian, William A.:

Person and God in a Spanish Valley - Paperback

1989, ISBN: 9780691028453

[ED: Kartoniert / Broschiert], [PU: Princeton University Press], Dieser Artikel ist ein Print on Demand Artikel und wird nach Ihrer Bestellung fuer Sie gedruckt. KlappentextThe descriptio… More...

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Christian, William A., Jr.; William A. Christian:

Person and God in a Spanish Valley : Revised Edition - Paperback

1989, ISBN: 9780691028453

Princeton University Press, 1989. Paperback. Good. Pages can have notes/highlighting. Spine may show signs of wear. ~ ThriftBooks: Read More, Spend Less.Dust jacket quality is not … More...

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Christian, William A. , Jr:
Person and God in a Spanish Valley - Paperback


ISBN: 9780691028453

Trade Paperback, Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, Spain|CHRISTIANS|SPAIN|RELIGION|CHRISTIANITY|GENERAL, 0691028451., Princeton, NJ, U. S. A., [PU: Princeton University Press]

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Person and God in a Spanish Valley, new revised ed - Christian, William A. jr.
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Christian, William A. jr.:
Person and God in a Spanish Valley, new revised ed - Paperback

1989, ISBN: 0691028451

[EAN: 9780691028453], [PU: Princeton University Press], 1972/1989. Europe. Princeton University Press. Very good - near fine paperback 236p., Books

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Person and God in a Spanish Valley - William A. Christian
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William A. Christian:
Person and God in a Spanish Valley - Paperback

ISBN: 9780691028453

Paperback, [PU: Princeton University Press], The Description for this book, Person and God in a Spanish Valley, will be forthcoming., Christian Theology

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Person and God in a Spanish Valley

'William Christian has given us an extremely sensitive study of man, religion and society in a valley in Northern Spain...The reader somehow experiences the passing of the generations and the centuries, the succession of priests with different views, each representative of the Catholicism of his time, the propagation and then institutionalization of ever-changing forms of worship, and the tension set up between innovating priest and conservative community...All in all I find this a truly admirable book. Not only will it be of value to students of the subject, it should also give them much pleasure.' -Emanuel de Kadt, Religion

Details of the book - Person and God in a Spanish Valley

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780691028453
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0691028451
Publishing year: 1989
Publisher: Princeton University Press
256 Pages
Weight: 0,318 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0691028451

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-691-02845-1, 978-0-691-02845-3
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Book author: christian william, wilhelm abraham christian
Book title: person god, spanish valley

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