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My Enemy My Ally - Diane Duane
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Diane Duane:
My Enemy My Ally - used book

ISBN: 0671554468

ID: 2253108

They are a race of warriors, a noble people to whom honor is all. They are cousin to the Vulcan, ally to the Klingon, and Starfleet's most feared and cunning adversary. They are the Romulans -- and for eight years, Federation Agent Terise LoBrutto has hidden in their midst.Now the presence of a captured Starfleet officer forces her to make a fateful choice -- between exposure and escape. Between maintaining her cover -- and saving the life of Dr. Leonard McCoy.Here, in a startlingly different adventure, is the truth behind one of the most fascinating alien races ever created in STAR TREK -- the Romulans. literature and fiction,science fiction,science fiction and fantasy,star trek Science Fiction & Fantasy, Star Trek

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Details of the book
My Enemy My Ally

Diane Duane


My Enemy My Ally


Details of the book - My Enemy My Ally

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0671554468
Publisher: Star Trek

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ISBN/EAN: 0671554468

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