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Hazlitt, William; Wu, Duncan (editor):

The Plain Speaker: The Key Essays - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780631210573

Oxford, England, U.K.: Blackwell Publishers, 1998. Trade Paperback. As New. This is a selection of essays from The Plain Speaker, the last great essay collection by Hazlitt, the finest … More...

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The Plain Speaker - The Key Essays (Blackwell Anthologies) - Hazlitt, William
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Hazlitt, William:

The Plain Speaker - The Key Essays (Blackwell Anthologies) - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780631210573

Wiley-Blackwell, Taschenbuch, 252 Seiten, Publiziert: 1998-12-14T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, 0.72 kg, Verkaufsrang: 13674, Englische & Irische Literatur, Europäische Literatur, Region… More...

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The Plain Speaker - Tom Paulin, William Hazlitt
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Tom Paulin, William Hazlitt:
The Plain Speaker - Paperback

ISBN: 9780631210573

"The Plain Speaker" was the last great original work of William Hazlitt (1778-1830), the finest prose writer of the romantic period. This book contains essays that address key critical is… More...

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The Plain Speaker - William Hazlitt; Tom Paulin
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William Hazlitt; Tom Paulin:
The Plain Speaker - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780631210573

The Key Essays, Softcover, Buch, [PU: Blackwell Publishers]

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The Plain Speaker - William Hazlitt, Duncan Wu
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William Hazlitt, Duncan Wu:
The Plain Speaker - Paperback

ISBN: 9780631210573

paperback, [PU: Basil Blackwell]

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Details of the book
The Plain Speaker

In this selection from the two-volume "Plain Speaker, "Tom Paulin and Duncan Wu have given priority to essays that address some of the most important critical issues both in romantic studies today and the poetics of prose. Provides the only edition of "The Plain Speaker "available outside libraries since 1928. Contains Hazlitt's seminal essays on plain speaking and the major romantic topics. Includes a brilliant introduction by Tom Paulin, the greatest poet-critic of his generation and the editorial expertise of Duncan Wu.

Details of the book - The Plain Speaker

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780631210573
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0631210571
Publishing year: 1999
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
248 Pages
Weight: 0,372 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0631210571

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0-631-21057-1, 978-0-631-21057-3

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