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Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut
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Kurt Vonnegut:
Cat's Cradle - used book

ISBN: 0606025782

Turtleback, [EAN: 9780606025782], Demco Media, Demco Media, Book, [PU: Demco Media], Demco Media, Cat's Cradle, one of Vonnegut's most entertaining novels, is filled with scientists and G-men and even ordinary folks caught up in the game. These assorted characters chase each other around in search of the world's most important and dangerous substance, a new form of ice that freezes at room temperature. At one time, this novel could probably be found on the bookshelf of every college kid in America; it's still a fabulous read and a great place to start if you're young enough to have missed the first Vonnegut craze., 933222, Single Women, 933210, Women's Fiction, 927790, Literature & Fiction, 927726, Subjects, 916520, Books, 959330, Science Fiction, 959332, Adventure, 959184, Alternate History, 959334, Anthologies, 959356, Graphic Novels, 959340, High Tech, 959342, History & Criticism, 959344, Series, 959354, Short Stories, 274726011, Space Opera, 957368, Science Fiction & Fantasy, 927726, Subjects, 916520, Books, 15306451, Literature, 15306521, American Literature, 15306461, Creative Writing & Composition, 15306531, English Literature, 15306511, Literary Theory, 690380011, World Literature, 15306041, Humanities, 15115321, Textbooks, 927726, Subjects, 916520, Books

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