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Pursue Your Dreams:  Come What May - Andayi Mushenye
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Andayi Mushenye:
Pursue Your Dreams: Come What May - new book

ISBN: 9780595379798

Pursue Your Dreams: Come What May, is an inspirational true story about the struggles that author Andayi Mushenye underwent to travel and settle in America and pursue his dreams. The extraordinary capacity to get up and move forward after stumbling is a remarkable trait necessary for success. In spite of formidable challenges, he never fails to look at the future with great optimism. Early in his life, he learns the virtue of self responsibility by getting the wind knocked out of him and his father passes away. Shortly afterwards, Mushenye undergoes a circumcision rite without being anesthetized in order to be initiated into adulthood. He then flunks out of high school but with the encouragement of a widowed single mother, repeats high school in his native Kenya and does well enough to become untrained secondary school teacher, earning thirty dollars per month. Armed with his new salary, he embarks on the road to America and lands in Detroit to study at Eastern Michigan University?with no idea what America is like, how his education will be paid for or where he is going to live. Having come straight from the village, the challenges of American technology and way of life jolt him into a series of culture shocks, but he plows on.Through failures, tragedy, addiction, loss, and other setbacks, he still manages to find success. Pursue Your Dreams: Come What May is a candid, inspirational, courageous and another humorous Coming to America story that will teach you about another culture and still demonstrate that you too can pursue your dreams and succeed?all it takes is you. Andayi Mushenye, Books, Fiction and Literature, Pursue Your Dreams: Come What May Books>Fiction and Literature

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