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Team Brass: Trumpet / Cornet by Richard Duckett Paperback Book The Fast Free - Richard Duckett
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Richard Duckett:

Team Brass: Trumpet / Cornet by Richard Duckett Paperback Book The Fast Free - used book

ISBN: 0571528171

FREE US DELIVERY | ISBN: 0571528171 | Quality Books, Author:Richard Duckett. Team Brass: Trumpet / Cornet. Book Binding:Paperback. All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and tur… More...

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Team Brass: Trumpet/Cornet - Richard Duckett
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Richard Duckett:

Team Brass: Trumpet/Cornet - new book

ISBN: 9780571528172

Sheet music, [PU: Faber Music Ltd], Team Brass is firmly established as the best-selling series of brass tutors. It presents a flexible course which can be tailored to suit each student, … More...

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Team Brass: Trumpet / Cornet - Richard Duckett
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Richard Duckett:
Team Brass: Trumpet / Cornet - Paperback


ISBN: 9780571528172

Faber Music Limited, Paperback, 68 Seiten, Publiziert: 2002-02-28T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, Hersteller-Nr.: 5399812807, 0.27 kg, Verkaufsrang: 172396, Styles, Music, Arts & Photogra… More...

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Trumpet (Team Brass) - Richard Duckett
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Richard Duckett:
Trumpet (Team Brass) - used book

ISBN: 9780571528172

GARDNERS VI BOOKS AMS006, Sheet music, Produktgruppe: Book, Hersteller-Nr.: 5399812807, 0.27 kg, Trumpets & Cornets, Brass, Songbooks, Music, Arts & Photography, Subjects, Books, Techniqu… More...

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Duckett, Richard:
Trumpet/cornet - Paperback

2002, ISBN: 0571528171

[EAN: 9780571528172], New book, [PU: Faber and Faber], 2002. Paperback. Series: Team Brass. BIC Classification: AVQ. Category: (G) General (US: Trade). Dimension: 305 x 231 x 4. Weight in… More...

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Trumpet (Team Brass)


Details of the book - Trumpet (Team Brass)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780571528172
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0571528171
Publishing year: 2002
Weight: 0,267 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0571528171

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-571-52817-1, 978-0-571-52817-2
Alternate spelling and related search-keywords:
Book author: cornet, duckett, richard faber
Book title: brass, cornet, look book, trumpet any other name, braƟ, team

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