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Moral Theory - DeMarco, Joseph P.
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DeMarco, Joseph P.:
Moral Theory - new book

ISBN: 9780534542474

This contemporary examination of moral theory succinctly covers the full range of theoretical positions, from extreme particularism to moral ideals. Students are challenged to think critically about abstract theories and to use acquired knowledge to support moral conclusions. The author views theories as attempts to order and guide moral experience. An eclectic view holds the promise of bringing coherence to moral experience. In this comprehensive approach to the study of ethics the student is exposed to numerous positions, asked to consider their strength and weaknesses, and guided to understand how typically opposed theories can jointly aid moral decision-making. This comprehensive text includes an up-to-date perspective on many topics often overlooked in introductory books such as: ideals, exemplars, norms utopian thinking, role morality, conventions, casuistry, and feminist ethics. Some basic material in political philosophy is also covered, including liberalism, conservatism, and pluralism. Moral Theory DeMarco, Joseph P.

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