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NIGHT HUNT - Rostov, Mara
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Rostov, Mara:
NIGHT HUNT - First edition

1979, ISBN: 0399123113

Hardcover, ID: 2355543263

[EAN: 9780399123115], [PU: Published by G P Putnam's Sons of New York, New York, United States of America, 273 pages. Dustjacket has not been priced clipped], FIRST EDITION HARDCOVER FICTION 0 399 12311 3, Jacket, *This book is fitted with a custom-made, removable, heavy duty crystal clear protective sleeve* Colonel Nicholas Knight, military hero and rebel, had expected this war game to be like any other: an exercise in field manueuvers and survival skills. But during the parachute drop that begins the game, his young teammate is killed. Then Knight overhears himself denounced as a dangerous escaped killer who should be shot on sight - and his descent into terror begins. Propelled into action by the unbalanced rage of the German Colonel Dietrich, capture teams fan out into the surrounding region, while military patrols and vigilante groups mobilize. His survival skills strained to the ultimate test, the wounded, starving fugative at last encounters Erda, a gentle, courageous woman who lives alone with her young daughter. Although she, too, believes him to be a killer, she cannot bring herself to betray him, and Knight for the first time in his life begins to fall in love. After several days of Erda's care and refuge, Knight again takes up his part in the treacherous game. Finally, he confronts his adversary and discovers the secret twists of mind and body that have provoked Dietrich's hatred. The hunt is over, yet, as a stunning climax reveals, Knight's newfound compassion, learned from those who granted sanctuary to a man they feared to trust, almost betrays him - and nearly yields to Dietrich the final victory.

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The BookSellaFella, Westmeadows, VIC, Australia [729165] [Rating: 3]
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Details of the book

Details of the book - NIGHT HUNT

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0399123113
Publishing year: 1979

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ISBN/EAN: 0399123113

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