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Quagmire! (Dungeons & Dragons Module X6) - Rasmussen, Merle
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Rasmussen, Merle:
Quagmire! (Dungeons & Dragons Module X6) - Paperback

1984, ISBN: 0394540069

ID: 4320762324

[EAN: 9780394540061], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, [PU: TSR], "Swamp creatures! They surround you now as you move slowly through the gurgling muck. How will you reach Quagmire now? Each day, the hungry sea swallows more of the ancient port city. A fierce fever ravages its people, and now - these foul monsters! Their beady eyes glimmer from deep within the tangled vines. Are these the creatures that have blockaded the city, turning away ships that are the city's lifeline? Are these the scum that are starving the people of Quagmire, threatening an entire race with extinction? These creeps? Let's clean this jungle out! Quagmire includes a large-scale map that expands the D&D world and introduces new areas to explore. The adventure also includes new magic items and a special, expanded monsters section. Hurry! Hoist your colors, or saddle your horse - go before the city by the sea becomes the city beneath the sea!"; 32 pages

Used or antiquarian book Abebooks.de
Wayne's Books, Maricopa, AZ, U.S.A. [3172524] [Rating: 4]
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Details of the book

Details of the book - Quagmire! (Dungeons & Dragons Module X6)

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0394540069
Publishing year: 1984

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ISBN/EAN: 0394540069

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