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Back When We Were Grownups - Anne Tyler
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Anne Tyler:
Back When We Were Grownups - used book

ISBN: 0375418849

ID: 5699189

The first sentence of Anne Tyler's 15th novel sounds like something out of a fairy tale: "Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person." Alas, this discovery has less to do with magic than with a late-middle-age crisis, which is visited upon Rebecca Davitch in the opening pages of Back When We Were Grownups. At 53, this perpetually agreeable widow is "wide and soft and dimpled, with two short wings of dry, fair hair flaring almost horizontally from a center part." Given her role as the matriarch of a large family--and the proprietress of a party-and-catering concern, the Open Arms--Rebecca is both personally and professionally inclined toward jollity. But at an engagement bash for one of her multiple stepdaughters, she finds herself questioning everything about her life: "How on earth did I get like this? How? How did I ever become this person who's not really me?" She spends the rest of the novel attempting to answer these questions--and trying to resurrect her older, extinguished self. Should she take up the research she began back in college on Robert E. Lee's motivation for joining the Confederacy? More to the point, should she take up with her college sweetheart, who's now divorced and living within easy striking range? None of these quick fixes pans out exactly as Rebecca imagines. What she emerges with is a kind of radiant resignation, best expressed by 100-year-old Poppy on his birthday: "There is no true li contemporary,contemporary women,education and reference,fiction,foreign language fiction,literature and fiction,short stories,women's fiction Education & Reference, Random House Audio

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Back When We Were Grownups
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Back When We Were Grownups

2001, EAN: 9780375418846

ID: 6b809890467e2c4fe12450b5d1ed614e

Binding:Audio CD,Edition:Unabridged,Label:Random House Audio,Publisher:Random House Audio,NumberOfItems:8,Format:Audiobook,medium:Audio CD,publicationDate:2001-05-01,releaseDate:2001-05-01,runningTime:540 minutes,ISBN:0375418849 Audio CD, Random House Audio

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