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The Wolf's Promise - Thornton, Claire
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Thornton, Claire:
The Wolf's Promise - new book

ISBN: 9780373305001

ID: 817058

Early March 1809 The pale winter's day was nearly over when Lady Angelica Lennard arrived at Holly House. She had been anxiously anticipating this moment for hours, but now she was here she was almost reluctant to climb down from the carriage. "I'll knock on the door, my lady," said her coachman. "Thank you." As she waited for the door to open, Angelica glanced quickly around. It was too dark for her to see much, but she was acutely aware of how isolated the house was. It was situated a few miles south-west of Arundel, on the flat, windswept coastal plain of West Sussex. There wasn't another house within half a mile. It was an ideal place for a master smuggler to set up his headquarters. Angelica suppressed a shiver. She was used to the teeming bustle of London and, even without the possibility that she was walking into a smuggler's lair, she would have found the absence of visible human life disturbing. There was not even a light showing from one of the windows to suggest the house was occupied. It wasn't raining but there were heavy clouds in the sky, and an icy wind wrapped her skirts around her legs and tugged at her bonnet. She did her best to ignore the discomforts of the weather. She was conscious of her maid's dour presence beside her. Martha had made no secret of her disapproval of this errand. Angelica was equally determined not to reveal her own misgivings. The front door opened and a maidservant looked cautiously out into the gloom, lit from behind by a pale light in the hallway. Angelica summoned up her courage and stepped briskly forward. "Good evening," she said pleasantly. "Am I correct in believing that this is the residence of Mr Benot Faulkener?" "Yes, ma'am." The girl looked at her suspiciously. "Good! My name is Lady Angelica Lennard. I would like to speak to your master, if you please," said Angelica firmly. "The master's not at home" 'Then perhaps you would be so kind as to allow me to wait for him?" Angelica took another step towards the girl. She'd come this far; she was determined not to be turned away when she was so close to her goal. "Oh, I don't know" 'What is it, Tilly?'An older woman appeared behind the maid, and the girl gladly gave way to her. "Good evening, ma'am." Angelica introduced herself again. "I would be grateful if you would allow me to wait for Mr Faulkener." "Is my son expecting you?'The woman spoke with a hint of a French accent. She was in her early fifties, and her dark hair was greying, but she studied Angelica with shrewd brown eyes. "No, ma'am.'Angelica replied steadily, although her heart was pounding a nervous tattoo within her chest. "He does not know me. I have come to deliver a letter to him from my father. It is very important." Mrs Faulkener looked thoughtfully at her visitor for a few more seconds. The shadowy bulk of the carriage rose up behind Angelica, but the light from the hall illuminated her face and picked Fiction Fiction eBook, Harlequin

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Wolf's Promise - Thornton, Claire
book is out-of-stock
Thornton, Claire:
Wolf's Promise - new book

ISBN: 9780373305001

Quiet gentleman or rakish adventurer? Lady Angelica Lennard wanted her brother brought out of France, and Benot Faulkener was just the man to do it. Fully expecting a piratical smuggler, Angelica was mortified to discover a respectable shipowner. Some things about him still didn't add up, but Benot didn't seem a stranger. He couldn't, when the warmth and intimacy that they shared made her feel so safe. But when danger threatened, and his steely will showed through, she couldn't help but wonder who was the real Benotthe quiet gentleman or the rakish adventurer? Fiction Fiction eBook

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Details of the book
Wolf's Promise

Thornton, Claire


Wolf's Promise


Details of the book - Wolf's Promise

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780373305001
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0373305001
Publisher: Harlequin

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ISBN/EAN: 0373305001

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