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A Detective in Love - Keating, H. R. F.
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Keating, H. R. F.:
A Detective in Love - Paperback

ISBN: 033048897X

ID: 1417502866

[EAN: 9780330488976], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, Mass Market Paperback. Keating, with more than 40 novels to his name, may be best known for his atmospheric mysteries starring Inspector Ghote of Bombay, but his fairly new series, starring the Hard Detective, Harriet Martens of the Greater Birchester Police, has been gaining steady acclaim. Martens is a fascinating character, a combination of professional toughness and private vulnerability. Unlike many novelists who offer tough-talking, hard-living stereotypes of women detectives, especially women cops, Keating is able to achieve a complex, human characterization. In this latest Keating, Martens' hard-won professionalism and carefully constructed personal life are cracked open by a surprising love affair. The mystery itself centers on the high-profile murder of Bubbles Xingara, media darling, tennis star, and Britain's best hope at Wimbledon, on the grounds of her country estate. Martens falls madly in lust with a fellow officer, threatening both the investigation and her marriage. Well crafted and riveting.

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The Bookworm, Waterloo, ON, Canada [53827061] [Rating: 3]
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Details of the book
A Detective in Love

The second in a trilogy that started with "The Hard Detective".

Details of the book - A Detective in Love

ISBN (ISBN-10): 033048897X

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