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Tadpoles: The Biology of Anuran Larvae - Roy W. McDiarmid, Ronald Altig
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Roy W. McDiarmid, Ronald Altig:

Tadpoles: The Biology of Anuran Larvae - Paperback

ISBN: 0226557634

[SR: 958404], Taschenbuch, [EAN: 9780226557632], The University of Chicago Press, The University of Chicago Press, Book, [PU: The University of Chicago Press], The University of Chicago P… More...

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Tadpoles - new book

ISBN: 9780226557632

In our own juvenile stage, many of us received our wide-eyed introduction to the wonders of nature by watching the metamorphosis of swimming tadpoles into leaping frogs and toads. The rec… More...

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Tadpoles - Roy W. McDiarmid
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Roy W. McDiarmid:
Tadpoles - Paperback

ISBN: 9780226557632

Paperback, [PU: The University of Chicago Press], This reference provides summaries of tadpole morphology, development, behaviour, ecology and environmental physiology; explores the evolu… More...

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Tadpoles - Paperback

ISBN: 0226557634

Tadpoles ab 52.99 € als Taschenbuch: The Biology of Anuran Larvae. 2nd ed. Aus dem Bereich: Bücher, Taschenbücher, Naturwissenschaft, The University of Chicago Press

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Tadpoles - Roy W. McDiarmid; Ronald Altig
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Roy W. McDiarmid; Ronald Altig:
Tadpoles - Paperback

2000, ISBN: 9780226557632

The Biology of Anuran Larvae, Buch, Softcover, [PU: University of Chicago Press], University of Chicago Press, 2000

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Details of the book

In this invaluable reference, leading experts relate what we currently know about tadpoles and what we might learn from them in the future, lending insight into disciplines as diverse as molecular systematics, animal behavior, and ecology. "Tadpoles" provides detailed summaries of issues such as morphology and development; explores the evolutionary consequences of the tadpole stage; and presents a standardized terminology and an exhaustive literature review of the field.

Details of the book - Tadpoles

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780226557632
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0226557634
Publishing year: 2000
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
458 Pages
Weight: 1,225 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0226557634

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0-226-55763-4, 978-0-226-55763-2

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