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Complete Court Reporters' Handbook - Mary H. Knapp
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Mary H. Knapp:
Complete Court Reporters' Handbook - used book

ISBN: 0131590626

ID: 4125283

This practical guide presents all aspects of court reporting across a wide range of court and legal procedures. Packed with forms, sample written knowledge tests, and review questions, this book provides an excellent source of information about how court reporters function in the real world. Serving as a hands-on OHow toO reference on different aspects of Court Reporting, this important resource covers various types of reporting assignments; how to administer oaths; how to report interrogatories, statements, and depositions; how to handle parentheticals, objections, exhibits, and interpreted proceedings; how to take and transcribe court cases, computer-aided transcription, word-processing, daily copy, testing, and video grand jury work. It also covers topics such as ethics and notary public duties. Finally, it provides practical advice to typical problems encountered in the field. With a reorganized presentation, the third edition of "Legal Assisting/Court Reporting" has been revised to incorporate changes in technology and demonstrate how these changes affect the role of the court reporter. Among these new technologies are: realtime writing, computer-aided transcription, instantaneous viewing of the transcript, immediate recall of all litigation documents, closed-captioning for the hearing-impaired, Braille copy for the visually-impaired, and instant multi-language translation. The book also discusses the use of court reporting skills in a variety of other professions includ law Law, Prentice Hall

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Details of the book
Complete Court Reporters' Handbook

Mary H. Knapp


Complete Court Reporters' Handbook


Details of the book - Complete Court Reporters' Handbook

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0131590626
Publisher: Prentice Hall

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